For over 20 years, I have been designing corporate identities and branded environments, primarily for retail.  My career began as a draftsperson/designer for Clark Productions, a design/build firm specializing in retail display fixtures and trade show booths.  From there, I moved to Planet Retail Studios, a small Seattle firm specializing in the design of prototype retail stores.  Serving as a Designer, Project Manager, and eventually Design Director of Planet Retail Studios, I designed new prototype designs for a wide variety of retailers, from small start-ups like Wizards of the Coast and InMotion Pictures, to national and international retailers such as Office Depot, Miller Brewing Company, and Cartier Jewelers. 

In 2002, Planet Retail Studios merged with MulvannyG2 Architecture, the third largest Architectural firm in Washington State, and eleventh largest in the United States.  At MG2, I spearheaded the re-branding of the studio to become 5IFTH FLOOR, where I served as Concept Director, expanding my work in Brand Development and Prototype Retail Design for such clients as Costco Wholesale and Nike, and professional sports teams such as the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, as well as a host of smaller regional companies. 

In 2004 I began his own consulting practice, adjusting the business model of a design consultancy to offer a more flexible range of Brand Strategy and Design services to a broader range of clientele and expanding on my own, unique form of people-centric branding.


I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design, from Cornish College of the Arts, and my Master(ing) of Brand Strategy from the school of Never Stop Learning, from mentors, partners, clients, numerous books, and from my keen sense of awareness of the world around me, the people in it, and how they relate to one another. 


A few words about Awards:  With all due respect to those who give and receive awards, I have a bit of a “been there, done that” feeling about awards.  For most firms, awards are a marketing tool.  Their marketing departments strategically submit their current projects for various awards; some win, some don’t, largely depending on what’s trending that year.  For those unfamiliar with the design industry, awards may be a good indicator that the firm is respected in the industry.  That is true, and I don’t mean to take anything away from that.  I’ve just come to realize that, once you’ve received the highest award the industry has to offer, a second or a third just doesn’t seem quite as meaningful as a second or third or fourth project with a satisfied client.

Having said that, here’s a partial list of my Awards and Publications:

VM+SD / ISP  Store of the Year | Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop
Stores and Retail Spaces | Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop
Chain Store Age  Store of the Year | Office Depot
Vows Magazine | Merchandising and Store Design
Vows Magazine | Dressing Room Design
Dance Retailer News | Do’s and Don’ts of Shoe Merchandising
Dance Retailer News | Merchandising Strategy
Backyard Retailer | Maximizing Limited Space
Marketnews Magazine | Electronics Store Layout
Equestrian Retailer Magazine | Retail Curb Appeal
Tobacco Retailer News | Store Design
Shopping Center World Magazine | Logo and Signage Design
Street and Smith's Sports Business Journal | Pittsburgh Steelers
Stadia Magazine | Increasing Revenue in Sports Facilities
World Coffee and Tea Magazine | Grand Central Coffee Station feature article
Display and Design Ideas Magazine | Business Briefs, Office Depot Prototype
Retail Minded Magazine | What Our Personal Live Have to Teach Us About Branding
ASID Awards of Excellence, Gold Award, Hospitality Design
ASID Awards of Excellence, Gold Award, Hospitality Design
ASID Awards of Excellence, Gold Award, Retail Design
ASID Awards of Excellence, Silver Award, Retail Design
Planet Retail Studios, Designer of Distinction Award


We’ve worked with Scott since day 1.  Scott is our Brand Guru.  Our entire brand image, and a large part of our success are Scott’s doing.  We couldn’t have achieved our current level of success without him. 

- Diana Marsden, Owner  |  Aries Apparel


Scott hit our design out of the park.  We get people every day saying that ours is not only the nicest body-piercing studio they’ve been in – it’s the nicest store they’ve been in.  Period.  In a down economy, our average ticket is more than double what our competitors’ are.  We’re currently opening our third location with Scott’s design, and looking for location number 4.

- Jesse Dobbs, Owner  |  Iris Body Piercing


Our store environment is perfect.  It’s... us.  It’s everything we wanted and dreamed our store to be.

- Karen Young, Owner  |  Picasso Exotic Aquatics


Our branding and corporate identity work with Scott not only clarified our Brand Message for our customer, but also for us.  Now we know what to talk about when we introduce our company to new clients that will engage them and get them excited about what we’re doing.  And we have the focus and clarity for ourselves to know what not to do.

- Shannyn Flory  |  Waypoint Residential








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