Look, I’m as guilty as the next guy about relying on email - probably more so.  And if that’s your preferred way to get in touch, that’s cool.  I’d love to hear from you - shoot me a note. 

Let me also offer this, however:  You’ve come this far.  If you’re looking at this page, you’re thinking we might be a good fit for each other.  And we might be.  Might not.  We can find out in about 15 minutes on the phone, or through several emails over several days.  What’s your time worth?

Fear not - I don’t do “sales calls”.  This will be a “get to know” call.  I want to know that you’re the right client for me just as badly as you want to know that I'm the right consultant for you.  So let’s find out.  If not, maybe I can point you in the right direction.  Either way, it’s just a phone call.  You may come to find that it’s the best call you ever made...

You’re reaching for the phone now... I can feel it...  I’m waiting...


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