My designs are based on a strategic brand development process.  Now, I know that that can sound like industry jargon – so let’s take a step back and look at it this way:

In everything that we do in life we follow the same process:

We have a thought about something.  That thought creates a feeling inside of us – positive or negative.  That feeling motivates us to take action one way or another.  That action creates an experience – cause and effect.  That experience then informs our beliefs about how the world works and how we want to operate in it to have the experiences we want to have.  Those beliefs then inform our future thoughts.

So what’s the action that you want your customer to take?  You want them to buy from you.  And you want them to go out and tell their friends and family to buy from you, too. 

So how do we motivate that?  We motivate that by designing the right brand experience that’s going to connect with the right customer (those who share your beliefs) to create the right thoughts about you and your products and services to create the right feeling that your customer wants to have.

How do we define what those right thoughts, right feelings, right experiences are?  Through brand strategy – it’s a very short part of the process, but it sets the stage for everything that you’re going to do from that point forward.  Designing without it is like driving blind.  Designing with it is like hitting the target every single time. 

I don’t “create” brands.  And it’s my humble opinion that neither do any other brand strategists or designers.  I discover them.  Your brand is already alive inside you right now, whether you’re an existing company, or whether you’re a startup and haven’t done your first bit of business. 

Our job is to reach in and help you identify and articulate and express your brand identity to your ideal customer in a way that they can connect with.

Together, we will identify who you are, what you’re about, what you believe in, and how we’re going to express that to your ideal customer carving away all of the superfluous until the answers to how your brand image should appear in an environment, on the web, or in print become obvious, and in perfect alignment with each other.

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