I design corporate identities, retail environments, and web sites.


Your logo is the most powerful representation of your brand.  It appears on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, advertisements, building signage, bags, tags, uniforms… It’s a small but powerful representation of who you are and what you stand for. 

Is it sending the right message?  Is it connecting with the right customers?  Whether it’s refreshing and updating an existing logo, or designing a new one, we can make sure that it is.


The built environment envelopes the customer in your brand.  It is the most cerebral and experiential connection to your brand.

The retail environment should unfold for the customer and take them on a journey, like a good book or a movie, with:

Space planning that pulls the customer into and throughout the store, encouraging browsing and providing sight lines to key elements, communicating an organizational structure and providing for ease of operation;

Visual Merchandising that tells stories about the merchandise, validates its value, and cross-sells groups of products, not just single items;

Lighting that makes the store feel welcoming and easy to understand, creating a sense of drama, and drawing customers to merchandise like moths to a flame;

Signage and Graphics that position your brand, create a lifestyle image that appeals to your customer, helps them find their way, and provides information that they need to make a purchasing decision;

Color and Materials that match seamlessly with your brand image and with the quality of the merchandise, and that create a mood that makes the customer say, “Now THIS is me!”

Web sites should do the same thing.  A successful website rope the visitor in visually, quickly communicates your brand position, and allows the user to drill down in a way that is natural, and intuitive, and ends with a call to action:  make a purchase, or pick up the phone.


Is this resonating with you? 

If a lot of this branding stuff sounds like fluff to you then maybe I’m not the designer for you.  But fear not – I’m sure that out there somewhere is the perfect designer for you and you for them.

If we’re going to work together it will be for the same reasons that your client will buy from you:  because we see eye to eye; because we believe the same things; and because our skill sets are a good match for each other.

If this is resonating with you – if you’re feeling it in your gut, not your head – then give me a call and let’s continue this conversation.  Because when something feels right for you, you know it.  You don’t think it, you don’t believe it, you know it.  That’s how we want your customers to feel about you.  That’s how my clients feel about me, and me about them. 

Click on CONTACT and give me a call today.  We’ll talk about your dreams, your hopes, your visions, what your challenges may have been in the past, what you expect them to be in the future, and I’ll tell you how I can help you to reach that next level in your success.

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